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I ordered Youtube likes & views.In addition to some twitter followers to expand my web base.

I received absolutely nothing when it comes to the Youtube views & likes besides it's been 2 months already! I received a bunch of twitter followers that I lost 28 days later, lost ALL of them that is! Fanmenow didn't respond to any of my emails or pleads for the services I requested or my money back at least. I was completely brushed off and ignored.

Yet they have the nerves to send me "great deals" forward emails that flood my inbox! How about you provide what I ordered first?

Absolutely unbelievable!This is the ultimate garbage service & no one deserves to be treated & ripped off like that.

Monetary Loss: $180.


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I'm not sure what your business is, but you can't shortcut interesting. Hey here is an idea... how about putting something INTERESTING on your youtube/twitter and then people will come.

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