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Update by user Oct 18, 2012

I am no longer a pissed consumer. The CEO took care of the issue like he stated in his comment below. I am satisfied with the outcome.

Update by user Oct 18, 2012

I am no longer a pissed consumer. The CEO took care of the issue like he stated in his comment below. I am satisfied with the outcome.

Original review posted by user Sep 18, 2012

I was actually desperate enough to enhance my media appeal by "purchasing" fake followers to make it look like I had a lot.Did it a few times before once from this company once from another.

well this one failed to deliver me what I paid for and quite frankly runs a Ham and egg production which seems to be run out of their kitchen. They told me based on the amount of followers i HAD currently I mustve gotten what I paid for. I said noooo way I have them on my own and from paid marketing on there.

Just ridiculous.do not use.

Monetary Loss: $30.


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Mobile, Alabama, United States #893373

thease guys are scammers they need to be in jail


Fanmenow is a total and complete scam.They took my money and provided me with nothing.

I filed a Paypal claim, but it was decided in their favor because Twitter followers are apparently an intangible good, and they therefore don't provide any consumer protection. A Delgado and Ruben are thieves.

They run a good racket: what public figure or someone with a reputation to uphold is going to admit to buying fake social media followers.Meanwhile these guys roll in the money for nothing!

Los Angeles, California, United States #872458


Then they ignore you when you contact them.FRAUD!

Berlin, Berlin, Germany #817670

I have been using www.thefanmarket.com and have had no issues if you are still looking for social media marketing i would suggest them

to George Lyndhurst, New Jersey, United States #945169

George you're full of shxt!!!You probably work for them.

This company is horrible!!!

All they do is take your money for nothin' with no free chicks!These people are crooks...


They run a reliable and reputable service.I've made several purchases with them.

Recently encountered a hiccup, and the matter was resolved in a timely manner.

Trustworthy and efficient.Keep the 50% off + promo emails coming :)

Toronto, Ontario, Canada #643067

I received this email after my PayPal file was closed: After carefully looking through the purchase made we show the service has been delivered.We understand the concern on your part and the reason the dispute was placed in the first place.

We would gladly appreciate it if this dispute/claim would be lifted as the services have been rendered. Thanks again for choosing FanMeNow and we hope to see future business with you. Thanks FanMeNow

They have NOT provided the followers I've paid for, and they have used this form letter to get PayPal's resolution centre of ONLY providing protection on PHYSICAL goods if there is proof the item has been shipped. If it's a digital file, or non-physical, in this case, followers, PayPal does NOT provide protection.

I'll be filing a claim with IC3.gov tonight.Will keep everyone posted.


It's now been 10 days.Nobody picks up the phone - I've attempted to call 5-6 times per day at several different hours.

No response to emails daily.What a scam.


I have been given the runaround so far.Frst they state on their site 1-3 days, then after the 4th day, after emailing them, they state the 'day' starts at Midnight.

The 5th day, nothing. Another email I complain, and they state "It takes 3-5 days." After letting them know that's not what the website states, they say "We're changing the website." Well, tough. You don't get the fall back on an excuse like this after it's paid for. It's now the 6th day, website hasn't changed.

2 emails left unanswered, and a file has been issued for a refund with PayPal.A crappy company with no customer service, no thought process, and a bad attitude.


Buyer Beware!!!!Paid for followers which I received, but they disappeared after a few weeks.

I emailed them, but zero follow up on their end.DON'T USE THIS COMPANY!

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